Candidate – Vince Lau (Bldg H – Non elected fill-in board member)

Vince Lau

Brief summary of occupation and experience:

My field of expertise is in the enterprise network and IT sector. I have had no prior experience with being on a HOA board aside from filling for the brief period of time starting in mid-May 2019.  Therefore, after the mail-in election, it would make my time with the KRM board a full year.
My job entails, that I establish and design systems and procedures in place for a streamlined process during operations and during handoff of job duties.

Goals if elected to the Board:

My main goal is to make sure every decision made by the board is logical and above board. It was the main reason I volunteered to fill in a position when the last board members resigned, after listening to various accounts of previous mismanagement of HOA affairs. 

Secondary goal is to systemize the operations of the board. Such that all HOA board members, current and future, can have a complete picture of all on going issues on the complex.  Currently there is no system in place to track and analyze some basic metrics such as vendor performance and nothing in place that would allow seamless transfer over to new board members.

Thirdly, we need the HOA board to move to a more centralized enterprise email service. So in the event of misconduct, email correspondence can be completely retrieved for further investigation. Currently, all board emails are personal G-mail accounts, and the HOA has no control or access to them. 

Goals in regards to potential Exterior Project (Partial, Full or No Action preferred?):

I have no preference to the Exterior Project, but whatever that will be done must not be half-assed and must be properly done. Objectively, the exterior does require an update. It is not up to par with similar aged and styled complexes nearby, and riddled with design and construction inadequacies. I have no intention of supporting the HOA spending an exuberant amount to just to make it pretty, but rather to ensure the longevity of the property.

My thoughts on how to proceed:

  1. Get all the bid amounts. Calculate the actual average cost for all homeowners.
  2. Divide the project into as many small parts as possible. Group into Must-Haves and Nice-To-Haves. Calculate the cost difference.
  3. Do the groundwork to get 60%+ of the owners involved with the decision. Hopefully that will give the HOA the flexibility to find financing options as a whole. If not, it will give homeowners the chance to vote it down should it come to it.
  4. Explore whether homeowners agree with some members of the board who wanted a second option. Which will incur extra costs (I am fine with that), some say it will be 32K. If it needs to be spent to get everyone on board, we should do it.