Candidate – Curt Kamp (Bldg N – Rerunning board member)

Curt Kamp

Brief summary of occupation and experience:

I have been in the medical field for the last 8 years. After 20+ years in the sports business in Seattle. For the past 3 years I have proudly served on the board of directors at KRM. The last year as treasurer.

Goals if elected to the Board:

To continue to serve our fellow owners/shareholders. Bringing our property up to modern levels both inside and the outside. So our buildings live another 50 years. Be proud of our neighborhood, as modernization continues around us.

Goals in regards to potential Exterior Project (Partial, Full or No Action preferred?):

This project is life changing for our community. We need to work together to make the correct decision moving forward. Keeping finances accountable. Let the facts and experts give us guidance.