Candidate – Amadou Savadogo (Bldg S)

Brief summary of occupation and experience:

I am a software test engineer who has lived at Kingsgate Ridge since 2009.  I have never served on a board and would like to take the opportunity here to help the community, give a fresh perspective on issues, and as a learning experience.

Goals if elected to the Board:

To simply do right by the people.  To make myself available for meetings/discussions pertaining to the state of the property and its residents.  To vote on matters that will help improve the community, financially and cosmetically.

Goals in regards to potential Exterior Project (Partial, Full or No Action preferred?):

Upkeep is apart of owning property, so I do agree that some updates do need to happen for Kingsgate Ridge.  To what extent is still not known.  I am in favor of getting a second opinion/assessment of the property to help determine what really needs to be done.  Above all, we need to absolutely minimize the amount of people that may lose their home or go drastically in debt to support such a project.  Especially this year, due to the virus pandemic, residents may be experiencing financial hardships.